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Is Hell a Real Thing?

Artistic volcanic landscape representing hell

If There's No Hell, What's the Point of Being Christian?

Did you know that universalism (the belief that all are saved and get to go to heaven) is actually a belief that many Christians believed in the earliest church?
While it may have been a miniority opinion, it was still there. So this resurgence of universalism that we see within Christianity isn’t necesarily surprising. 
But, for most Christians (primarily those of an evangelical or fundamentalist perspective) hell is a very real threat. In fact, the entire point of the Christian religion for them is to escape the hellfire and damnation that results outside of their gathering of the “saved”. 
Within the framework of their theological context, universalism makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I’ve even had an evangelical ask me outright, “If there’s no hell, why even be Christian at all?”
I want to look at hell through the lens of “theological thinking”. It’s a more complex way of looking at it, but I also belileve it is far more faithful. Click here to read my progressive Christian alternative perspective