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My Personal Brand

I Do More than Just the Evolving Christian Faith Network

I Strive to transform the world into a more loving Place One Household at a Time.

My Wider Sense of Personal Ministry

As an entrepreneur, I keep busy. Very busy. I always have a project or three I’m working on. 

As a Christian, I feel the call to share Christ’s love with the world with a sense of urgency. 

So, it’s no surprise that I have multiple ministries going at the same time. 

By “ministry” I don’t mean something officially sanctioned by the church (though I am an ordained Presbyterian Teaching Elder). I believe that any venture driven by the intent to unleash Christ’s Divine Love into this world is the very definition of Christian ministry

Below are my other ministries that are also businesses. If I can help you through them, feel free to get in touch. By working with me, you are also supporting the progressive Christian voice of compassion and justice in the marketplace of cultural ideas. 

Bo McGuffee working with a deaf Australian Shepherd mix named Sonic

Sonic (a deaf Austrailian Shepherd mix) and I working together at the rescue she was eventually adopted from. 

Hearts on Fire Spiritual Practices Community

I am a partner of the Heart on Fire Project. Together with Dr. Courtney Cowart, Jim Goodman, and Cathie Caimano, we are making the unique Hearts on Fire transformative spiritual practices available online to anyone who wants to engage them. 

Daily practices are Monday through Friday at 11 am (CST). The Monday practice is free to the public. The rest of the weekly practices take you deeper and are available with a membership subscription ($30/month). 

You can sign up through the buttons under the logo. 

(Please note that the Member Sign-Up button is a referral link that gives me a kickback. By going through that link you are supporting the ministry of the Evolving Christian Faith Network, which I greatly appreciate.)

Progressive Christian Websites

I want to help others get the progressive Christian voice out there to be heard. One way I do that is by building websites for progressive Christian communities and spiritual entrepreneurs. 

These websites are designed and written to empower organizations to connect with their ideal audience and trigger a desire to work with them. 

If you are with a progressive Christian community or a progressive Christian entrepreneur, let me help you proclaim the Gospel that God is Love. 

Puppy Tutor Dog Training

I am a science-based, force-free dog trainer. My methods are pain-free and fear-free. I never use intimidation, fear, pain, or violence to motivate dogs. It’s unnecessary and counter-productive. 

I teach people how to bring science and compassion together so they can learn how to communicate and relate through loving behavior. 

If you want help working with your canine companion, I would love to learn how to leverage the power of positive desire—the power of love. 

* Please note: ECF-Net is a business, not a 501c3. While I have been ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and remain a member in good standing, this project is not officially attached to any organized religious body. That means financial participation is not a tax deduction.