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The Multi-Dimentional Spiritual-Growth Program for Progressive Christians

Prayer: Attentive Living

What is prayer? What are different ways to pray? How does our view of God affect how we pray? What happens when we pray? How can Progressive Christians who don’t “believe in” prayer anymore pray with integrity?

This course offers a deep dive for thought-seeking progressive Christians who want to explore the various understandings and aspects of prayer and its effects in order to deepen their sense of intimacy with the Divine.

“Many seminary courses don’t even go this deep into a topic.” 
—Fr. Cathie Caimano, Free Range Priest of the Episcopal Church USA.

This course is the introduction and first installment of the Multi-Dimentional Spiritual Growth Program for Progressive Christians. The rest is yet to come.


Abraham's FAith and the Divine Psychosis

Free Sample

The Introduction to Drinking from an EMpty Glass

Theological Reflections

Progressive Christian Hope

If I only had a nickle for every time my truth died.

The world can be a scary place. We need security. We need to know that what we are doing matters. We need to know that we are going somewhere. We need a truth in which to ground our lives. For centuries, Christianity has offered just that.

Postmodernity, however, has thrown back the covers to reveal the extent to which all promises of an Absolute Anchor are similar to bedtime stories. There is no Truth to be found. There is no inherent Purpose in anything. There is no ultimate Meaning to existence.

By revising Christian theology with an understanding of postmodern narrative, I argue that the dismantling of absolutes is a good thing. It is the ejection of idols. It liberates humanity to work together and co-create life-giving meaning in a Meaningless universe. After all, the Divine is relative.

~ Vernon A. McGuffee II

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