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What if Buddhists Don’t Want to Go to Christian Heaven?

Buddhist monk walking down a hallway. Cover for article, "What if Buddhists Don't Want to Go to Christian Heaven?"

Is there room in the Christian Tradition for Buddhists to Attain Nirvana?

All religions function according to a certain pattern. They identify a “problem” that needs to be solved. The theology shows how their religion overcomes that problem and takes adherents to a particular religious end. 
In Christian theology, the problem is separation from God through sin. The answer: God overcomes sin and reconciles all of creation through the person and work of Jesus Christ. After reconciliation, the gates to the religious end of heaven open. 
In Buddhism, the problem is suffering. A Buddhist overcomes suffering by following the Noble Eight-Fold Path. Once suffering has been overcome, Nirvana opens to them. 
Christians often assume that their heaven is the only religious end out there. But, Buddhists aren’t trying to get into heaven. 
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