Welcome To the Edge of Christianity

Fear Not. You are Not Alone.

~ Are you a Christian who doesn’t feel comfortable with evangelical theology? ~

~ Do you struggle with spiritual questions that keep you up at night? ~

 ~ Do you feel uncomfortable in a church? ~

Living on the Edge of Faith is Painful

As Christians, our faith serves as our anchor amidst the storms of life. It’s what gets us through the tough times, day in and day out, as we live out of the hope that we have in a God who is with us always.

But what happens when our belief systems change?

What if those stories we heard as children start to sound less like history and more like myth? What if we start listening to sermons and think, “I just don’t believe that anymore. It’s no longer how I experience the world.”

If that’s you, fear not. I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly normal for people who are maturing in their faith and growing as human beings.

You are entering into a time of “demythologizing” or “deconversion”.

Entering the Dark Night of the Soul

During this time, you will commonly experience your orderly spiritual life descending into chaos. You may watch close friendships unravel. You may feel isolated, like you have no one you can share your spiritual struggles with. You may experience existential pain as the very meaning of your life shatters like a shimmering crystal globe dropped onto the hot black asphalt. 

The “dark night of the soul” is a time of feeling abandoned by God, a time in which you find no spiritual consolation and can see no clear way out. 

Don't Fight it. Embrace It.


When the time is right, a caterpillar wraps itself in the darkness of a cocoon to begin the transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Think of your darkness as that initial step into your own transformation.

After all, spirituality is about transformation.

It’s not about having the right belief or taking the right stands on issues. It’s about a slow process through which you become who you were meant to become. 

Not everyone who identifies as “spiritual” is willing to embrace their transformation. Let’s admit it: sometimes it’s just simply easier to let one’s spiritual life take a backseat to other concerns. And, that’s their choice. No one is ever forced to grow spiritually. 

But, for those of you who strive for a deeper sense of connection with the Divine, your destiny awaits. You can choose to engage the work and embrace the experience necessary to align your pulse with the heartbeat of a God who is Love. 

Journey to the Light at the End of the Tunnel

While the dark night of the soul is necessary to grow spiritually, it is not the end of the journey. 

The purpose of deconstruction is reconstruction. The purpose of demythologizing is remythologizing. 

Having gone through the time of darkness, like the butterfly, you will emerge with new wings. 

As your ideas about God, the world, and yourself change dramatically, you can find new meaning in your life. 

Is it hard? Definitely. 

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

If you are a Christian who wants to mature in your faith, struggling through the growing pains is part of your calling. 

There can be no resurrection without crucifixion. 

There's Plenty of Room in the Historic Christian Waters for You

Too often, Christians who struggle with belief fall into an either/or trap. Either you believe and are a Christian, or you do not and therefore are not. 

This seems especially the case for those coming from a more Evangelical, black-and-white worldview. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is no one-size-fits-all version of Christianity. 

There has never been any such thing as a “core truth” that all Christians at all times and all places have believed to be true. Historically, Christianity has always been a multi-faceted religious phenomenon. 

Throughout history, different cultures and worldviews have given birth to different expressions of Christian truths. And as those cultures move through time and evolve, so too does their understanding of Christianity. 

Which brings me to the question that haunts me today…

Into What is Christianity Evolving?

Finding my answer to that question is my lifelong quest. This website is the current manifestation of where I am in my pursuit. 

My goal is for this website to become a resource for those who have become disillusioned with Evangelical, and even traditional, Christianity in America, but are not willing to relinquish their Christian identity. I hope it will become a unique and empowering voice for those who need something more than the dominant Christian voice out there. 

And so I offer you an alternative Christian perspective. 

I bring to the table a mystical, radical, and revisionist approach to Christianity. I seek to help those who need something new to reinvent Christianity for their own lives, to create a spirituality that is more relevant to their actual, everyday existence. 

By doing so, I hope that those struggling with the dark night of the soul and living on the edge of faith will find that there is indeed room for them in the distinctly Christian fold. And this is not in spite of their questions, concerns, and changing beliefs. Rather it is precisely because of them. 

If this is you, then you are in the right place. I want to help you find your own understanding of what Christ means for you and your life. Periodically, I will update my blog with sermons and theological reflections. I hope you find in them some sort of inspiration that takes you one more step into a deeper, more vital sense of resonance with God. 

Now, if you're ready to jump in . . .