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Commenting Policy

I approach virtual space the same way I do personal space. I don’t go into someone else’s space and disrespect the host. I expect the same respect of anyone who comes into my space.

Before commenting, remember this blog serves a specific function. It is meant to resource those who are genuinely interested in exploring a progressive or revisionist approach to Christianity. I hope those who want to discuss this will chime in. However, those who come here with an intent to argue, convert, or discredit will not be tolerated. General “trolling” (such as inauthentic questions or comments) will be removed. Arguing is not likely to lead to their restoration. If anything, it will verify the accuracy of my assessment.

Second, I expect those who participate to use language that is respectful of all others participating. Any flaming or questionable commentary will be removed. Restatements will be allowed, as long as they take a more appropriate tone.

In sum, my expectation is that those who come into my space is simple: behave respectfully toward myself and others. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.