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Sermon: Listening to the Cry of the Heart

Puppy Loki at about 7 months
after getting a hold of packing paper.

I was invited to preach at Atonement Lutheran Church in Beloit, WI. This sermon was preached publicly on 3 Sept 2017. It is fueled by Exodus 3.1-8a and Romans 12.9-21. Of course, I rarely miss a chance to talk about my dogs, so Loki makes an appearance. (I admit that he was a tough one to raise. It was all worth it, though. He has become a fantastic four-year-old dog.) Overall, the main phrase I wrestle with is “let love be genuine.” What is “genuine” love, and how do we learn to do just that?

I previously mentioned that I have a Podbean channel. Since then, I’ve decided against it. I will keep up my basic account (which has reached its storage limit), but I will continue to consider other options. Meanwhile, I’ll only host my podcasts on this blog.