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Podcast: Rule of Faith, Rule of Love, Rule of Hope

And now for something completely different. 

It’s time to go back to podcasting. My friends of The Fringe hooked me up with great theme music. I asked for an “ambient gothic” sound, and it’s perfect.

I will not be hosting the podcasts directly on here. You can find them on my new ECF-Net Podbean. I will, however, announce arrivals of sessions here, with a description of what’s new. (Note: If you download the PodBean app, you can subscribe and listen to me on the road.)

Moving on to Episode 1

The first question I tackle with the podcast is “What is an ‘authoritative’ understanding of Scripture?” Historically, various factions of Christianity have answered differently. For some, it’s what the church authorities declare to be authoritative. For others, it’s what you read plainly on the pages.

My approach comes from a deconstructionist perspective, which prevents anyone from saying that they have the one, single “authoritative” reading that will enlighten everyone else. Rather, I use Daniel Migliore’s three “rules” by which we can measure an interpretation for its legitimacy. These rules give us the opportunity to ask questions while we engage the text. They help us to question our very selves and keep our egos in check. What they don’t do is reveal the kind of definitive answers that we all too often seek.

So, it’s about a certain set of questions that lead to even more questions. But questions are good. They may be uncomfortable, but they are a sign of growth.

This session is in three parts. Skip through the links below to listen in.

The Rule of Faith, the Rule of Love, the Rule of Hope

References from the Podcast

In Episode 1, I mention Daniel Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding. Here is the link to the work I referenced. 
In Episode 3, I talk about my video on Progressive Christian Hope. It’s on my YouTube channel