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New Book Coming: A Theology of Dog

The likely cover for book #2

The craziness of life is leading me to reduce my weekly blogging to whenever I can get to it. Most of the reason has to do with simply being too exhausted after work to even begin to be productive mentally. Another part has to do with raising a high-energy puppy. And then, there is working with my new house.

On the bright side, since I can’t focus on actual writing, I am scratching down ideas for content for another book. What spiritual lessons have I learned or re-learned as a result of raising a puppy? Right now, Loki is 8 1/2 months old. It has been quite the ride. I figure the book will be a series of reflective stories that come from the first year of his life. Already, I have some on the blog.

Why my dog and not my cat? I’ve had Annabelle for six years (she’s now eight). If I were to combine all the pressures that she has brought me through those years, they still wouldn’t equate to what this puppy has contributed. It has truly been a trial by fire for me (and, I assume, him). The energy he has brought into the house has forced me to think deeply about things in a way that she hasn’t. Nonetheless, I’m sure she will make appearances. She is, after all, my baby. And he is meant to be her puppy.

My hope would be to have the first draft completed by mid-March, when I celebrate both their birthdays. I ran considerably behind schedule for the last book. Here’s hoping I can stick to this one. But, even if I overrun it, meeting deadlines isn’t the point. The point is to produce something of quality that contributes to the spiritual life of all those who read it.

2 thoughts on “New Book Coming: A Theology of Dog”

  1. it is fascinating to observe the behavioral differences between a cat and dog. More importantly the two of them have challenged me to be patient, work to understand them (since they cannot directly verbalize) because of this I find myself truly invested in trying to over come the communication barrier. I am working to fully understand them. This has made me ask myself, do I give the same sincere and fully vested effort into understanding other people? Or do I take them at face value?

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