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The Book is Finally Available

My brand, spanking, new book!
Buy! Buy! Buy!

I first started using the tagline, “The question that haunts me: Into what is Christianity Evolving?” when the Evolving Christian Faith Network was conceived in around 2004. My original idea involved forums. This blog was created to start it off. The forums never came into being, but this blog continued my explorations. Sure, there was a dry time in which I didn’t post much, but ECF-Net continued to exist, waiting to be picked back up again. Now that I have, I’ve done more with it than ever.

As I look back to where I was then and how far I’ve come personally, it’s interesting to see how I have evolved. Amidst all of the unexpected twists and turns, there has been a strong continuity to the story. What I’ve realized is that my tagline has held it all together. So much of who I am has been dedicated to pursuing that question. That question has truly become my quest.

Into what is Christianity evolving? This blog remains an important part of my answer. Now, however, that answer is supplemented by my first book. Yes, I’ve finally written it. Drinking from an Empty Glass: Living Out of a Meaningless Spiritualityhas been two years in the making, and a decade percolating in the back of my mind. It is not meant for everyone, much like this site. It is meant for those living in the margins of spirituality and religion. I pray that it inspires in ways beyond my hopes and dreams. And I would love to hear back from those who read it as part of their quest for truth.