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New Q&A Site for ECF-Net

My friend Gnarf just put together a StackExchange Q&A site for WoW called EpicAdvice. It’s very cool. Since the StackExchange platform is in beta and free, I decided to put one together for ECF-Net.

The Evolving Christian Faith Network Q&A page.

The StackExchange platforms is very community driven. I’ve snagged a TED vid for the ECF-Net blog entitled “Clay Shirkey on Institutions vs. Collaboration” that may help if the idea is difficult to grasp. Basically, it is for the community, by the community. As people gain standing in the community, they are able to do more things (such as edit posts). The more the community trusts someone (based on the quality of their interaction), the more power the community gives them.

This is an experiment. Its longevity may be determined by whether I can afford to keep it up once the beta ends and StackExchange starts charging. Hopefully, it takes a while before that begins, and I am able to gather enough people for the site to become self-sustaining.

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