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S. Mark Heim Articles on Religious Pluralism and Atonement Theory

Part of the purpose of this blog is to present resources for doing theology. Sometimes, that will come in the form of articles. A great place to do an article search is

One author if distinct interest is S. Mark Heim. Here are links to a couple of works he has in the archives of Theology Today and The Christian Century. Both are two-parters.

These two articles discuss the issue of religious pluralism and the effects is has on the Christian understanding of “salvation.” Heim comes at this from a distinctly trinitarian perspective.

~~Dreams Fulfilled: Religious Ends Interpreted by Different Religions—Critical Essay
~~A Trinitarian View of Religious Pluralism: God’s Diversity—Analysis

The following discusses atonement theory. Something I want to note in advance is that while there is an official orthodox Christology which is trinitarian in nature, the church has never identified one theory of atonement as singularly authoritative. In fact, throughout history, there have been several versions that have pulled significant weight.

~~Christ Crucified
~~Visible Victim: Christ’s Death

My first introduction to the work of Heim was through his book Salvations: Truth and Difference in Religion. It is work I highly recommend.